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Next Level Generation

About Us:

Next Level Generation is a powerful and exciting ministry that the Holy Spirit is using to change the lives of DeliveranceFamilyWorshipCenter's young adults. Not only do we have dynamic teachers bringing forth the pure Word of God on a level you can understand, we also set aside time to have game nights and fellowships throughout the year.

We offer development through leadership roles within the ministry as well as several opportunities to impact our local community through volunteering to work in DFWC's Clothing Closet, Food Pantry, and Evangelism Team to name a few.

We serve our local ArkansasStateUniversity students here in Jonesboro, AR as well as non-college attendees from the ages of 18-30. Our meetings are held each Wednesday night at 7:00pm in the DFWCFamilyLifeCenter.

We spend roughly 45 minutes to an hour poring over principles based on the finished works of Christ. Students are allowed time for questions while being challenged to engage in thoughtful discussions at different points in the lesson. Those attending will benefit from being progressively taught how to more effectively utilize their faith in God as a tool for successful Christian living. We tackle EVERYTHING from finances and health to relationships and purpose! You'll leave with an understanding of what God's best is for you in every area of life.
We would love to have you and friends come join us. You'll be glad you did. Also, remember this, there is a Word from the Lord for your next level!


We're teaching faith principles for transition to maximized kingdom living!

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Minister James Person           



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