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Power of One Singles Ministry


Single adults are an ever increasing and vital segment of the church’s population. A “single adult” is defined as any unmarried adult, ages 18 or older, who falls into one of the following categories: never married, formerly married (divorced) or widowed. The purpose of the Power of One Singles Ministry is to provide a specialized ministry, exclusively for single adults, where they can experience the love and word of God, encouragement, support, understanding, motivation and accountability. In addition, this ministry provides singles with the opportunity to fellowship together, grow spiritually and socially, and to emulate the greatest single adult that ever walked the face of the earth -----Jesus.


The mission of the Power of One Singles Ministry is threefold: Encourages, Equips and Empowers.
  • Encourages single adults to discover God’s purpose for their lives, as whole individuals, through their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Equips single adults with training and resources that build personal, godly integrity and character.
  • Empowers single adults by providing opportunities for them to serve God and others.


The Power of One Singles Ministry primary core value is to always adhere and submit to the vision and mission of Deliverance Family Worship Center.

The Power of One Singles Ministry’s core values are as follows:
  • Spiritual Growth: We are committed to deepening our relationship with God. We desire to grow strong and healthy in our knowledge, intimacy and relationship with our Lord.
  • Significant Relationships: We strive to fellowship and build healthy friendships with one another; friendships that will encourage positive, single lifestyles.
  • Service Opportunities: We recognize that it is our personal responsibility to serve others in the church and in the community; therefore, we are committed to taking advantage of opportunities to do so.
  • Sexual purity: We provide a safe atmosphere for both women and men, where mutual respect and honor are the hallmarks of all that we do. We recognize that our bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit; therefore we strive to keep our bodies holy and undefiled.

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